Dark Air-Cured
In Indonesia, the majority of Dark Air-Cured (DAC) tobacco is produced in Jember while Central Java and North Sumatra producing smaller volumes. "Besuki-NOTA" crops are produced during the dry season and Besuki-NO (traditional) is produced during the rainy season. DAC tobacco is cured in large curing barns made with bamboo frames and closed in using mainly palm leaf fronds with humidity controls. Cured leaf is put through a series of fermentation processes before final sortation and sizing. After fermentation, the final product is light brown to dark brown in color with no disease or insect damage and unbroken. The sortation process will separate leaf qualities for Wrapper, Binders and Fillers. DAC is packed in wrapper/binder bundles, (butted) loose leaf and hand stripped form. DAC is predominantly for the export market.

*full range of qualities are available, please contact our sales department for further inquiries.

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